Alessandro Pittorino

"Australia's Wunderkind Organist" ABC TV

Too much of a good thing is wonderful!
— Mae West

Heralded by The Australian as "a self-confessed showman who loves to engage with his audience," Alessandro’s interest in the organ began at the age of 5 on a Sunday afternoon he was sitting with his mum in a church when he heard the organ being played. He was immediately fixated and not long after piano lessons soon followed, as he was too short to reach to the pedals to begin learning the organ. This continued until the age of 11 when the precocious Alessandro negotiated himself a paid position as organist at his local church, playing for weekly services. Having achieved sufficient proficiency on the piano and being tall enough to reach the pedals, he now began formal organ training. Within two years, his talents were noticed by one of Perth’s top music high schools, Trinity College, and he was promptly awarded a full pipe organ scholarship, a rare distinction in Western Australia. Now 14 years old, he directed the Chapel Music program, including playing for daily services and special school events, and was awarded several prizes in local competitions around Perth.

Awarded a Bachelor of Music degree from the University of Western Australia, he was a finalist in the University’s Concerto Competition and garnered an unheard of 600 people in attendance for his graduation recital. At the age of 18 while a full-time student, Alessandro was offered a position at South Perth’s St Mary’s Anglican Church as Organist and Director of Music. He regularly performed around Australia, appearing in Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. 



Alessandro now lives in New York City, where recently graduated from The Juilliard School with a Master of Music degree. There, he studied with GRAMMY award-winning organist Paul Jacobs, and is the first Australian organist to be awarded a place in the famed performing arts school. He recently earned first prize in the New York Regional AGO Competition.

 Alessandro currently holds two notable positions; Director of Music Ministries at The Church of the Blessed Sacrament, NYC, and Associate Organist at NYC's Christ Church United Methodist . Alessandro’s passion for the organ is rooted in the beauty of the music and ecstasy of performance, and it is the incorporation of these elements that excite his concert audiences the world over.